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What is a transfer, postcard, rescue, or relief company?

Transfer companies (sometimes called postcard, rescue, or relief companies) are businesses that solicit timeshare owners like you to give up or transfer ownership of your timeshare to another entity or person for a fee (usually several thousands of dollars)—thus "unburdening" you from paying maintenance fees and other costs. We will refer to all these kinds of businesses simply as transfer companies. 

What do I need to know about transfer companies?

Based on research and information we have received from timeshare owners as well as management companies and developers, transfer companies seem to come in all shapes and sizes, offering various types of services to timeshare owners. While there are transfer companies that fulfill their promise to transfer ownership of your timeshare, you should be aware of the potential pitfalls of using the services of a transfer company and what might happen to your timeshare even if the transfer takes place.

The worst example of this type of activity occurs when the transfer company takes your money and simply does nothing or fails to properly transfer your interest.  If the company does not keep its promises, you will still own your timeshare and possibly owe past-due maintenance fees—in addition to the high fee you paid to the transfer company! 

Even if the transfer company does what it promises, it often transfers the timeshare to an asset-less or "shell" corporation that has no intention of paying maintenance fees. This will leave your resort owners’ association with unpaid annual assessments and expensive foreclosure actions, meaning more debt for your owners’ association.

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Transfer Companies

Transfer Company Scare Tactics


Transfer companies may use various “scare tactics." Some of their tactics are exaggerations—and some are total lies. See some of the frequently reported misrepresentations that we have heard from consumers and directly from representatives of transfer companies.