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ROC Overview

The ARDA Resort Owners’ Coalition (ARDA-ROC) is a non-profit organization formed to represent the interests of timeshare owners at the federal, state and local levels of government.

Established in the mid 1990’s, ARDA-ROC was the first organization funded specifically to advocate for timeshare owners and their rights to enjoy what they purchased – an enriched vacation ownership experience that is well protected from overly burdensome laws that restrict or attempt to increase the costs of ownership. 

Today ARDA-ROC is recognized as the largest and most established timeshare owner advocacy organization in the world. By uniting timeshare owners as one cohesive voice, ARDA-ROC has achieved an impressive list of victories that could not have been obtained working independently. Our singular voice representing timeshare owners is well-known and held in high regard across the country in city halls, state legislatures and on Capitol Hill. 

Our Advocates

ARDA-ROC exists for the benefit of timeshare owners and is generously funded by 1.6 million timeshare owners across the country that voluntarily contribute annually to our efforts. Our strength in numbers approach and grassroots funding help ensure our powerful advocacy arm exists and is equipped to react quickly to fight the next legislative battle, not just the last. 

Those resources have allowed us to expand our offerings over the years to include educational efforts for timeshare owners and homeowners associations, and to launch Ask ROC!, a timeshare owner resource center staffed by timeshare experts to help with timeshare owner needs.

Our Mission

ARDA-ROC’s mission is to preserve, protect and enhance the vacation ownership experience for timeshare owners through advocacy and creation of tools and resources for their use and benefit.

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