Current Legislative Issues

ARDA-ROC serves as the voice of more than nine million owners in Washington, DC and in state capitals across the country. 

ARDA-ROC is the first line of defense against legislation that may negatively impact timeshare owners. Through ARDA-ROC, owners are a part of an effective grassroots lobbying coalition of timeshare unit owners dedicated to preserving, protecting, and enhancing vacation ownership.

The ARDA-ROC government affairs team has a strong record of successfully advocating on behalf of policies allowing for the vitality of the industry while protecting the vacation ownership experience.  ARDA-ROC works with legislators and regulators at all levels of government to educate policy makers and ensure fair treatment across the broad range of issues that impact timeshare owners.

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Steamboat Springs (Colorado) City: Considers Accommodations Tax on Timeshare Owners
At a July 2020 City Council meeting, the City of Steamboat Springs, discussed adopting a tax for non-rental stays at timeshare properties and studying how such a tax would be implemented.
As an issue that would adversely affect timeshare owners, ARDA-ROC became involved and is closely monitoring the issue as it develops. While the council has not yet taken any additional formal action to move the idea of taxing non-rental stays at timeshare properties beyond the direction given to staff at the July council meeting, the idea could still come forward at a future date. It is likely that an expansion of this type would require a public vote under the Colorado Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR). Based on the election schedule, the earliest a new tax could be placed on the ballot is November 2021.
ARDA-ROC will continue to monitor activity on this issue, and others like it, as this may be an indication of things to come as state and local governments look for new revenue to fill the gaps related to COVID-19.

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Mashpee (Massachusetts) Board of Selectmen: New Fees on Timeshare Rentals
As the voice of timeshare owners and the first line of defense against laws, regulations and ordinances that may negatively impact timeshare owners, ARDA-ROC became involved in a local ordinance passed in Mashpee, Massachusetts, that would require rental properties to apply and pay for a rental permit and pay a separate inspection fee for each unit being rented.  
Although ROC was successful in getting timeshare exempted from vacation rental laws at the state level, the Mashpee Board of Selectmen expressed that they felt this was an appropriate application to timeshare from a health and safety perspective.
Representing the interest of timeshare owners, ARDA-ROC has participated in discussions with the town counsel to hear their concerns about the health and safety of the units, and to educate them on how timeshare is different than traditional vacation rentals. The town has been receptive to ARDA-ROC’s concerns and gave assurances that they are only interested in fair regulation.  
As the dialogue continues, we continue to work together with the board for a fair proposal that will satisfy the town’s safety concerns while protecting timeshare owners and associations from excessive fees and regulation.